Information for reviewers

Information for reviewers

  • The peer review process
  • The evaluation Forms

The peer review process

The Journals aim at rapid publication of research results while maintaining a rigorous peer review process. The editors will provide an initial response to all pre-submission enquiries within a week. In addition, they will make every effort to give authors a decision following peer review within two to four weeks of an article’s submission. If the review process takes longer due to special circumstances, authors will be notified promptly by e-mail. Accepted articles will be published online within two weeks. Suggestions by the editors about revision do not imply that a revised version will necessarily be accepted. If minor revision is required, authors should return a revised version in two weeks. If major revision is required, authors should return a revised version within three months. You must clearly indicate the changes that have been made. Revised manuscripts that are not resubmitted within the indicated time frames will be treated as a newly submitted manuscript. Authors who disagree with Editor’s decisions may contact the Chief Editor for final decision. The Editor and the Publisher are not responsible for the scientific content and statements of the authors of accepted papers.

Please note that after submission we email all authors to ask them to confirm their co-authorship, agree to the submission of the article, and agree that the corresponding author may act on their behalf throughout the review and publication process. If the order of authors changes after submission, or if any authors have been removed or added, all authors will need to confirm they are happy with the change, either by email.


The Editorial Executive Director will send out review requests to the selected reviewer via email. The request contains the title and abstract of the article for which a review is needed. The question in the form asks the reviewer if he accepts or declines the invitation to review the article within seven days of receiving the invitation. If the reviewer accepts the invitation to review, the complete article will send by email and ask the reviewer to finish the evaluation within 14 days.


If the reviewer chooses to decline the invitation to review the article, the editors will be very thankful if the reviewer suggest alternative reviewers in the same field.

How to submit the evaluation form

The reviewers must use the evaluation form by click to the form. The form composed of two parts, part A contain information about the reviewer and about final decision about article including recommendation (accept, minor revision, major revision, reject). Part B will be containing the questions that reviewer depend on to take his decision including the scientific content, originality and standard of presentation. Additional remark that the reviewer willing to adding.

Submit the review once it is completed using the Submit button at the bottom of the review page. The reviewer will receive a confirmation email that the evaluation was received.

Click her to fill the form of evaluation.


Once the Editorial office received the reviewer’s opinions for an article, Editor will make decision to accept or reject the article based on their judgement and reviewers’ opinions.

The author (s) will be notified that decision through an email. If the authors have any comments about the decision, they will be welcome to contact the editorial office.


The reviewers will receive an email conformation for every review completed and will receive a formal certificate as part of a tenure application.