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The International Center for Advancement of Science and Technology- ICAST


Message from the General Director

Prof. Abdul Jabbar N. Al-Shammari


It is my pleasure to introduce the "International Center for Advancement of Science and Technology“(ICAST).

Our center (ICAST) tries to take part in both globalization and revolution in information and communication technologies, because S&T development becoming not only the key elements of economic growth and industrial competitiveness, but also essential for improving the social development, the quality of life and global environment.

International Center for Advancement of Science and Technology supports excellence and innovation in scientific and technological researches in Arab countries and also promoting the cooperation among scientists and scientific organizations for the seek of applying knowledge to the services of sustainable development in Arab countries.

ICAST depends on its globular activities such as training education and consultation and also on the generosity of those who believe in the value of science as a globular goal for developing the Arab countries. We call upon fellow scientists who possess the necessary experience and knowledge to call up their concerted efforts for seeks of promoting and supporting International Center for Advancement of Science and Technology.


The Attitudes of ICAST

 During the last twenty five years, the Iraq infrastructure was completely destroyed. To promote the science life again, there should be a lot of works to do.

Development of life science will stabilize and secure the life of 25 millions people live in this rich country. This situation no doubt needs to be corrected. One area is the quality and output of educational and training system, information technology and encouragement of research and development (R&D).

 The most critical element here is the need to create a strong information technology infrastructure and encourage industrial (R&D), and create a strong relationship between researchers and users of research results.

In spite of all of the reconstruction and rehabilitation activities, the science and technology (S&T) community in Iraq did not receive the attention it needed.

One significant effort to address the Iraqi S&T community was the- International Initiative to Engage Iraq’s Science and Technology Community in Developing its country- a cooperative effort between the Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) and the Cooperative Monitoring Center at Sandi National Laboratories (CMC/SNL), with support from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). These organizations worked with the Iraqi S&T community to develop proposal in different areas demands as the highest priority by the Iraqi scientist: health, water, environment, agriculture and material science. Unfortunately the outcome of these activities was limited.


Articles Of Association

ICAST is An independent Arab international center. It encourages and supports excellence and innovation in scientific and technological research.

 Item 1:

Establishing in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan a center called (INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY - ICAST)

 Item 2:

The location of the center is at Amman city.

Item 3:

The duration of the center is unlimited and starts from the time of the authority approval.

 Item 4:

An alliance between The International Centre for Advancement of Sciences & Technology (ICAST) and Tharwa for Scientific Training & Consultations (TSTC) was established as a cooperation effort.

Item 5:

 By the new scientific alliance (ICAST& TSTC), this step supports the efforts towards publishing a refereed scientific journal periodically  (4 issues per year)  to participate in developing research societies in The Arab world with a special focus on Iraqi Society, that is The International Journal for Sciences and Technology - IJST

Item 6:

The center aims the following goals:

  1. Consolidation the scientific and technological ties between Arab scientists.
  2. Improve the scientific and technological abilities for Arab scientists.
  3. The participation of Arab scientists for the evaluation of science and technology in Arab country.
  1. Developing the scientific and technological skills between Arab youths.
  2. Following the scientific achievements around the world.
  3. Cooperating with other Arab or international scientific and technological organizations.

Item 7:

The centre and the alliance have no political goals.


ICAST- TSTC Mission and Objectives


The alliance (ICAST - TSTC), is established to promote the globalization, cooperation and promotion of scientific and technological advancement in every major field of science and technology being practiced in Iraq and other countries throughout the Arab world.


         Strengthens the relationships among the Arab Scientists in scientific and technological fields.

         Upraise the efficiency and effectiveness of the Arab Scientists.

         Participating in the development and improvement of science and technology revolution in Arab World.

         Be updated with all science and technology advancements in the world.

         Cooperation with the scientific and academic institutes and organizations in the Arab Countries to achieve our objectives.

         Establishing strong professional bases for scientific and technological employees by participating in our training programs.


The Success Factors of ICAST

  1. Cooperation of ICAST with TSTC (a specified organization for empowering human resources and scientific consultations) located in Amman City- Jordan to participate in the development and improvement of Sciences and technology revolution throughout the Arab World.

  2. ICAST had developed a partnership and signed scientific cooperation agreements with Princess Haya Biotechnology center in King Abdulla Hospital (Irbid/Jordan), Princess Sumayha University for informative Technology (Amman/Jordan), and Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI), Cairo/Egypt to support Iraqi scientists for training and do researches in their institutes after ICAST gets the fund to support this process.

  1. Professional Experiences: ICAST posses experts staff members, who run scientific institutes and centers and well educated:
    1. Professor Abdul Jabbar N. Al-Shammari (professor of Microbiology)/ General Director of ICAST – as well as The Editor in Chief for IJST.
    1. Dr. Saied Jaradat (PhD Genetic Engineering) / General Director of Princess Haya Biotechnology Center.
    1. Dr. Khaled Abdul Ghani / CMRDI, Cairo/Egypt.
    1. Dr. Nada I. Jallo (PhD Atmosphere Physics) / Air pollution consulting/ Institute of land, water and environment / Hashemite University/ Jordan
    1. Dr. Mahmoud Aqileh (PhD. In occupational health and safety, Amman / Jordan).
    2. Mr. Farouk Al-dawabsha (MSC water treatment) /Water consulting/ water authority / Jordan.
  1. Data bases: ICAST posse’s sufficient data base to create good communication with Iraqi scientists in discipline areas of science, In addition to good relation between the center and Iraqi researchers.


A selected collection of achievements of ICAST

1-         Full support for Arab Mathematicians and Physics conference – Amman – Jordan  March 2004

2-         Sponsored and organized The 7th Arab Conference of Physics and Astronomists- 7th ACOPA, in cooperation with The Arab Union for Physics and Astronomy, Princess Sumayah University for Technology, and Al- Albait University – Amman- Jordan-  August 2005.

3-         Sponsored and organized The International Conference to engage Iraq's Science and Technology Community in developing its country, in cooperation with ASTF, Amman- Jordan September 2005

4-         Organized a workshop titled as: Molecular Diagnostics of Pathogenic Microorganisms , in cooperation with Princess Haya Biotechnology Center (PHBC), and Civilian Research Development Foundation (CRDF), Irbid – Jordan September 2006.

5-         Full support and organized a training course titled: the use of Molecular tools in studying host- pathogen interactions, for 10 Iraqi Scientists, in cooperation with Atomic Energy Commission of Syria, Damascus- Syria February 2008.

6-         Organized and support for training course titled: the use of biotechnology methods in diagnosis and treatment of pathogenic bacteria, for Iraqi Scientists from Al- Razi Institute for Medical Diagnostic Kits, in cooperation with AEC, Syria- Damascus June 2008.

7-         Published IJST- The International Journal for Science and Technology three volumes, as a refereed scientific journal since 2006.






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