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The International Journal for Sciences and Technology - IJST

ISSN: 2305- 9346  / ICV: 63.75 / SJIF: 4.487 / GIF: 0.81

Issued by The International Centre for Advancement of Sciences and Technology (ICAST)

Amman - Jordan




Dear  colleagues

 It's my pleasure  to introduce you the IJST- The International Journal for Sciences and Technology, which is  issued by the International Centre for Advancement of Sciences and Technology in Amman - Jordan.

We are fully aware in the need of the Arabic researcher for support  in order to disseminate scientific works and achieve the desired level of sophistication of scientific and technical cooperation in various fields of life in the Arab world in general and our beloved Iraq particularly.  for this, our Journal had come to reinforce this objective and to give  Arabic scientists and researchers  an opportunity to stimulate research and promote communication with the world , through which we will enrich our reality and achieve what we aspire to improve and develop our scientific society.

We may succeed by our pens  thoughts in what the war did not succeed  to have tomorrow, most beautiful, and prosperous life for us and for the coming generations . 


welcome you all to IJST

Prof. Abdul- Jabbar N. Al- Shammari   

The Editor- In- Chief 


for direct contact with the editor in chief, you are welcomed at:

  Tel.: +962795982837  

 P.O. Box 2793 Amman 11953 Jordan   


you can directly send your request to the following email addresses:








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